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TSELLC Develops Software Brands. These are our current Brands and Sites.

Welcome to The Software Establishment LLC (TSELLC)

We are a virtual company that can do big projects. We will give your project the attention it needs.

Before you send us anything, make sure we have a non-proprietary description of the product, and the non-disclosure signed by an Officer of both companies.   Download the non-disclosure provided and read the two sections.  Return the non-proprietary product section.  If we do not have a conflict we will contact you to send us a signed non-disclosure document.

TSELLC endevors to respond to your input within two working days.

To do business with TSELLC we will need.

  • A non-disclosure signed by an officer of your company.
  • A non-proprietary description of the product.
  • What you would like us to do for, or with your product.
  • Or what you can do with, or for one of our products.

Here is a list of what we will buy.

  • End user programs
  • C++ or .Net Libraries, and Web developer products
  • Approprate Icons and Graphics
  • Dialog Boxes with associated class
  • Ribbon Panels with associated classes

We like to pay for our products with a percent of the sales of the product. We will invest in the refurbishment of the product, the marketing and the sales cost.

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News and Events

>> 10 / October / 2017

The new TSELLC Website was launched. The first 2 sites are being released and the next 2 sites are announced.

>> 10 / October / 2017

Guardian 10 Site and Product are announced.
The Guardian 10 is available for download from the Guardian10 site. Guardian 10 protects you data from ending up in Microsofts Database.

>> 10 / October / 2017

Image Wizard Pro product line and Site are announced.
The Image Wizards Pro products are those that every product and web designer should have.



>> 7th / April / 2010

 LocalizationWizard and the RCWizard, combined to increase a companies product sales from $4M to $12M..

>> 20 / December / 2012

The TSE Product Art Service is announced. The group specializes in product Icons, Styling, Decorations, etc.....



Roger F. Consultant

“Wow, I checked my spelling and grammar, not that I needed to, but it's good to be sure. I had the Marketing Manager check the text and when he discovered that we have all of the strings, he then wanted them translated. Since I was able to produce a list of the strings, I asked my Distributors to translate them. Win Some Lose Some.„